ERIN PODCAST - Which Route Do You Want To Go

07 Jun 2020


One way or another, so...

Why not grow your OWN page to advertise on, hm?

Business owners usually hit me with an objection similar to,

"Creating content to grow our reach is too much of a time investment right now."
"Our industry doesn't use social media. We don't need video."


A consistent content strategy does NOT have to be a time suck.

In fact- that's exactly what I teach in my program: how to delegate & automate. My content takes less time than most people probably realize!

SECOND! ️ (more important)

-You're gonna end up spending a marketing budget on SOMETHING in your future whether you like it or not!-

Why not invest now, to save in the future... because you grew your OWN platform to advertise on?


I work hard on LinkedIn to grow a loyal following of business professionals because I understand,

this not only benefits MY brand and ability to advertise in the long-run...

but guess who else is gonna pay me for advertising?

All the people who didn't grow their presence in the beginning, when it was still easy.

The people who took full advantage?

Will be raking in the marketing dollars

Which side are you gonna be on?

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