Getting Reach Before Influencers Engage

07 Jun 2020


from BIGGER pages

Bigger, active pages that comment on your post can propel it forward like nobody's business.

Two of my videos only ever went viral because of bigger influencer comments on them.

The more you expand your reach on LinkedIn, the more people are going to start baiting you for engagement!

That's where the tags come in.

I get tagged a lot these days, and I can't possibly keep up with all of them.


One sure way to get me to see the notification that I was tagged in post...

is to get notified dozens of times.

How does this happen?

Because when OTHER people engage on a post I'm tagged in, LinkedIn keeps updating me about it.

NOW - I'm way more likely to actually see your post and give it an engagement.

Let's make sure we're making QUALITY content first!

& not just relying on tags, pods, and 75 hashtags to get your message out there...

So, tagging me?

Yes, feel free to do it.

I may get to it, I may not... however...

It's definitely more likely if your post has already got some juice.

Make good content.

Have you ever gotten engagements from bigger influencers before?

Tell us below! ️


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