Homeschool Kids

07 Jun 2020


should kids even go back?

I can't lie, with everything going on...

I'm pretty grateful not to be a parent right now.

I was fortunate enough to spend a weekend away at a friend of mines who has 3 kids.

I asked for her perspective on homeschooling, and to my surprise, she said she thinks it's GREAT!

She says the kids have more time to play outside and just be kids!

The school system is outdated, and I believe in most cases actually diminishes our children's true gifts & spirit.

Kids playing outside in nature more and being creative feels like the human thing to do right now.

They'll always be a need for school, no doubt!

But I think it's important we take this time to really question if the system we had is worth trying to hold up any longer anyways.

Maybe this shutdown is good for families.

Maybe it's forced us to wake up to how imbalanced our lives were.

I predict with everything that's happened, and also with the rise of very strict rules being placed in our school system...

many parents will do what they can to just continue homeschooling anyways.

I don't have kids - what are your thoughts?

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