Life Coaches Are Better Than Therapists

07 Jun 2020

I've wasted thousands of dollars on talk therapy.

It's laughable.

The # of hrs I spent on couches of clinically trained therapists...


I'm not going to deny there was NO VALUE WHATSOEVER in the 5 years I spent on this route.

But per the time & money invested?

Insanely marginal.

I was practically the exact same at age 24 as I was at 19.

Thank God for life coaches...

A few I've worked & highly recommend:

Yitz Epstein - Narcissistic Abusive Recovery life coach & podcaster. Brilliant man who understood my demons like no one I'd ever met... because he too had LIVED IT!

Joe Dibianca - Another trauma survivor with an immense gift. Joe helped me to recognize the language I was using was disempowering me.

Dominic Petty - A Godsend when I moved to Miami! Such a conscious man w/ so much value to give. I'm not sure where I'd be without Dominic.

& last, but certainly not least... the woman who started it all:

Kelly Deautsh - Cancer survivor & executive/life coach who changed my life forever & sent me down a path of healing I'm forever grateful for.

Go connect with these incredible healers & recommend them for anyone who needs help!

(Therapists, don't mean to do you bogus, but this is my truth. If it doesn't apply to you... ignore it.)

#Shayshine ️

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