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07 Jun 2020

Of COURSE you're gonna scroll past this video!

Ever wondered why some people stay negative all the time?

Emotions are addictive, just like drugs.

Some people are addicted to the feeling of love (or false feeling of love), some are addicted to anger, some are addicted to sadness, negativity.

I'll never say that it's easy to overcome an addiction. For many, it's a lifetime of ups and downs.

I've definitely been caught in the downward spiral of negativity. Depression, victim mode... feeling SO sorry for myself I use it as an excuse to get absolutely nothing done in my life.

Oh yes,

I've been there.

But everyone has their breaking point.

Everyone has the capacity to turn it around,

it's just a matter of when.

I probably haven't made it the full 180 degrees yet, but I'm trying my best.

The little Shay in me is growing up and finally recognizing: her time is precious.

That life is short.

That when I think about all the days spent in pain, in darkness...

I don't want to waste another minute of my life being negative.

Do what you can to see the good in things. If bad things do happen, take them in stride. Maybe even try laughing about them...

Don't take life too seriously.

Everything passes.

What's something positive in your life today?

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