Strangers in Margaret Pace Park

07 Jun 2020

Two men awkwardly approached me in the park...

but it's not what you think.

Hailing all the way from Russia,

#Anton & #Arnold are visiting #Miami and while here, asking around to see who'll let them take their photo, so they can build up their #photography_portfolio.

They're brave!

No joke- I could barely understand what they were asking me at first.

I think them pointing at the camera and then me is ultimately how we communicated, hahaha.

The point is:

If you #believe you can...

you WILL find a way!

What sets apart real, lasting #entrepreneurs?

They let go of one thing:


These guys are #incredible!

I loved how unapologetically themselves they were, even in a #foreign_country where they don't speak the same #language.

To Arnold & Anton, I wish you nothing but success with your photography #business.

#Entrepreneurship is 90% character, 10% #skill... and I can tell with these guys' character,

they're going places.

Follow Arnold & Anton from #Moscow, Russia for more beautiful photos!

(linked in the comments below!)

Much respect to all my international hustlers out here.

I love this city. #Miami

What do you think makes a great entrepreneur?

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